Unique Lighting Systems Hydro Underwater Light

$525.00 $359.00 (Excl. CA. Sales Tax)
Weight: 5.51lb
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Category Underwater Lighting

Heavy and robust, the Hydro is ideal for water lighting a variety of elements, from fountains to waterfalls and rock structures. The cast brass body offers sleek lines while the large base design keeps the Hydro in place. Use the Hydro as a back, side or accent light for the perfect grazing or shadow effect. Recess the Hydro in water areas for the ultimate underwater lighting effect.


Forged brass construction.


High-temperature silicone o-ring for a water-tight seal.


Forged brass. Accepts up to one additional lens/hex cell accessory.


Comes with a complete set of optical designer lenses including spread lens, frosted, hex cell.

Electrical Requirements
A remove 12V Pool & Spa transformer is required and may be ordered separately from Unique Lighting Systems®. Voltage range for 12V halogen lamps is 10.8V to 12V. Voltage range for 12V FLEX GOLD™ Series LED lamps is 10V-15V.

Lamp Connection

Specification grade, beryllium copper lamp holder. GU5.3 base.


50′ premium grade SJTW cable.

Mounting Hardware

Forged brass base included.

Unique Hydro

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