SL-42-LGLEDS Ledge Light by Focus Industries

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Weight: 1lb
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Categories Integrated LED Fixtures , Wall Lights / Masonry Lights , Specialty Lights , Step Lights / Wall Lights
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Aluminum, brass, copper or stainless steel

LENS:  None; LED Strip is sealed and water tight

LIGHT SOURCE:  4w integrated LED Strip; warm white 3000K (280 Lumens)

LIFETIME RATING:  40,000 hours


WIRING:  Black 3 foot 18/2 zip cord (12v only)
For 25 foot 16/2 fixture lead wire add -25F to catalog number.

DRIVER:  On board integrated 12v AC input.  Voltage range of 10 to 15 volts.
For use with magnetic transformers only.

CONNECTION:  FA-05 Quick Connector (not supplied) from fixture to main cable
(12/2, 10/2 or 8/2 only)

FINISH:  Aluminum – Black texture polyester powder coat. Optional finishes available
Brass – Unfinished. Optional finishes available
Copper – Unfinished. Optional finishes available
Stainless Steel – Brushed

SL-42/43-LG Ledge Light Spec Sheet

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