Sparkle Magic Illuminator – 4.0 Series – Red – Green – Blue – Three Pack – With 3 Way Connector

$199.99 $99.00 (Excl. CA. Sales Tax)
Weight: 6lb
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Categories Laser Lights , Specialty Lights
Supplier Sparkle Magic


Special promotion combines one each Red, Blue and Green Sparkle Magic 4.0 Series Illuminator with a free 15' Extension cable and a 3-in-1 connector to connect all 3 lights off of a single transformer.  Package ships with 3 lights, 3 bases, 3 ground stakes, 3 transformers, 1 3 in 1 connector and 1 15' extension cable.

(Contact us for any other color combination you desire- we are happy to ship you just what you want!)

Welcome to the future of decorative lighting.  The Sparkle Magic Illuminator Laser Light is innovative, lightweight and compact, making it the easiest way to decorate any surface with points of brilliant red, blue or green color.  Three simple steps and your outdoor lighting is complete. Plug it in. Point it towards any surface. Adjust the dial for the best effect.   It’s easy to get creative with mounting accessories that allow installation in a number of positions.   The Sparkle Magic Illuminator saves on electrical costs by using less energy than traditional decorative lights, making it the ideal lighting system for holidays, parties, pool, patio and garden. It’s even weatherproof.

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