Broadway-Stake Color Changing Multi-Light by Lifetime Lighting Systems

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Weight: 3lb
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Categories Hanging Lights , Color Changing
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Metalistic Alloy - Color Changing Fixture with Extended Shroud

Ideal for in-ground use

  • Mount using SABER-STAKE for in-ground stabilization.
  • 540° of Biaxial Precision Aiming
  • Load N Lock Removable Knuckle & M1 Interchangeable Attachment System Ready.
  • Each fixture comes with Pre-Greased & Siliconed Sockets
  • Pre-Lamped 12W Color Changing LED 
  • 30' Loopable Link Lead
  • Removable & Adjustable Hex Louver
  • Removable Clear-Convex Lens,
  • Black-Load n Lock Ground Stake
  • Closed Ended Crimp Wire Connectors
  • Ground Staples to help neatly hide any excess wire.

Complete Wireless control of individual fixtures from your smart device... Design Beautiful color-scape and control individual lights within a complete system. Some of of the features of this light fixture:

  • Zoning
  • Dimming
  • Scene Design
  • Timing
  • Intensity Mixing

Simple Installation and Set-Up

  • Unlimited fixtures controlled
  • no complex wiring or transformers
  • traditional 2 wire install
  • add fixtures to existing lighting system
  • control light output via your smart device
  • network* area of light control
  • each light is independent
  • automatically add light to the app
  • no WiFi required

How it Works

  1. Connect your phone to a Broadway-Lumen-Link (sold separately)
  2. Adjust to your favorite colors
  3. Take control

*Creates a relay of lights through RF Technology - with unlimited Range


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