Integrator by Integral Lighting

$15.40 $13.40 (Excl. CA. Sales Tax)
Integral Lighting - Integrator Size Options * Default size is 4". You may select 6" or 18" as an option.
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Our perfect solution for installation in mortared applications.

Preinstall our stainless steel insert plate to make installing and servicing your fixtures an easy task. The Integrator is compatible with our original Xenon and LED fixtures and is available in a 4”, 6” and 18” size.

P/N IL200.650 … compatible with 6″ models
P/N IL200.651 … compatible with 18″ models
P/N IL200.652 … compatible with 4″ models
Compatible with all mortared applications including bluestone, brick, stucco, travertine and precast concrete.

Always Made in America.


  • Stainless steel insert supplied with fasteners
  • Flexible conduit attached for easy connection behind wall
  • Maintains alignment and level fixture for final installation
  • Designed for 1/2" mortar bed
  • Available in 4", 6" or 18" sizes
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