Skyliner2-Grand Mounted Light by Lifetime Lighting Systems

$171.43 $84.00 (Excl. CA. Sales Tax)
Weight: 3lb
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Categories Spot Lights / Up Lights , Wall Washer / Wash Lights
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Metalistic Alloy Wall Light


  • Gutter Mounting Bracket (M1-GRAND-BRACKET)
  • 30' Loopable Link Lead
  • Pre-Lamped with 4W 60° Wide Flood MR16
  • 540° of Biaxial Precision Aiming
  • Load N Lock Removable Knuckle & M1 Interchangeable Attachment System Ready.
  • Each fixture comes with Pre-Greased & Siliconed Sockets
  • Features include the ability to accept an MR16 & T3 LED Lamp by a simple rearranging of the socket mount
  • Removable & Adjustable Hex Louver
  • Interchangeable Clear & Frosted Lens
  • Black-Load n Lock Ground Stake
  • Closed Ended Crimp Wire Connectors
  • Ground Staples to help neatly hide any excess wire.

Designed for mounting on/in rain gutters and anything requiring an awkward angle.

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