Underwater Lighting by Lightcraft – H20-UW-31-1-MR11- Single Pond-MR-11

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Weight: 2.5lb
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Category Underwater Lighting
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Single Pond - MR11   (10w MR 11 Included)

Key Features:
Composite Design
Multiple Lens
Good for up to 4'underwater

Size: 1¼”w x 2 ¾”h
Material: Composite
Finish: Black
Mounting: Self
Lens: 4 Snap on Color Plastic
Max Lamp: 10W MR11 (Included)
Electrical: 12V AC
Wire Lead: 15 Ft.
Light Spread: Up to 10 ft.
Lumens: 150 avg.
Lamp Life: 4,000 hours avg.

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