TR-IL-60-MINI 110v / 12v AC Mini Transformer

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Weight: 1lb
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Model: TR-IL-60-MINI

12v Mini Transformer
Ideal for J Box Installations
Key Features:
• Converts 12ov AC to 12v AC
• 60 watt load
• Moisture resistant
• Low Harmonic Distortion
• Soft start circuitry
• Instant start
• Auto short circuit protection

110v / 12v AC Mini Transformer
Size: 2 ¼”L x 1 ¼” wide x ¾” h
Wattage: 60w
Class: P Type 1 and Class 2 approved
Climate: 90c - 30c
Protection: Epoxy sealed, shock/vibration resistance.
Weight: 24 oz.
Power Factor: 0.95
Operating Frequency: 25 KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: 20% avg.
Lead Wire: 18 gauge x 6”
Distance: Up to 30 ft.
Dimmable: With LED dimmer
Use: LED AC compatible- Not for DC
Certification: UL


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