200SSSL-LED Transformer by Unique Lighting Systems 12V Multi-Matic 200 Watt LED Transformer

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Unique Lighting Systems® continues to offer innovative lighting solutions for lighting professionals. The new dual tap 200W transformer is more flexible than ever. Featuring “LED High” and “LED Low” gold taps that provide a wider voltage range for more flexiblity. Ideally sized for today’s LED installations with FLEX™ Series LED lamps


Engineered single core design with precision grain-oriented steel laminations. High temperature glass impregnated nylon bobbin and solid copper mag wire. To ensure robust construction each output tap is welded to the mag wire for optimum connectivity.


304 stainless steel (complies with NEMA 3R).

Primary Protection

Replacable 3AG Time Delay (glass slow-blow fuse).

Power Cord

16/3 SJTW power cord. Six feet in length.

Electrical Requirements

Available power ratings 200 Watts. Primary voltage is 120 volts, secondary voltage is 12V and 15V output. See individual models for exact output leads.

Output Terminal

Each SSSL option includes a Tinned 6061-T6 aluminum lug strip with 3mm hex set screw for a positive torque connection. Includes 3mm hex key tool with every lugged transformer.


Stainless Steel finish is standard. Unique™ Lightings’ Weathered Brass finish is a “living finish” and will naturally patina and change over time.

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