PAR 36 35 WATT GE 19877 12 Volt – Flood – Halogen – 35PAR36/H/FL30

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Weight: 1lb
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Categories PAR 36 , Replacement Bulbs (Non Led)

This is the GE PAR36 halogen light bulb. This lamp uses 35 watts and 12 volts. This PAR36 has a Screw Terminal G53 base. It has a 4000 hour rated life, which is exceptional for a Halogen light bulb. This lamp has a c-6 filament and a color temperature of 3050k kelvins. This lamp also has a Wide Flood beam spread.

Lamp 35PAR36/H/FL30
Description 12V 35W Screw Terminals 30° PAR36
Brand GE
MPN 19877
UPC 043168970297


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