Night Stars Premium Landscape Laser Lighting Red and Green Moving LASER LL03-RG-MOV-R

$149.99 $99.00 (Excl. CA. Sales Tax)
Weight: 3.8lb
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Category Laser Lights
Supplier Viatek


    Night Stars Landscape Lighting Special Features: Projects brilliant points of moving red & green light Laser(s):

    Light Display: Select red, green, or a combination of both, with optional flashing light mode Effects/

    Motion: Moving kaleidoscope with speed selection  

    Coverage: 3,000 Square Feet

    Timer Settings: Select 4, 6, or 8 hour daily cycle

    Flash Settings: Optional flashing lasers with speed control

    Unit Control Panel: Power/Mode button on back Remote:

    Advanced RF Remote

    Housing Material: Cast Aluminum Spike / Mounting Plate Material: Cast Aluminum Ground Stake /

     Cord Length: 20 ft

    Power Consumption: Low voltage and low power consumption with UL power adapter

    Indoor/Outdoor Rating: Rated for indoor and outdoor use

    Weather Resistance: Weather resistant, it stands up to snow, sun, wind, and rain

    Temperature Rating: -4° to 90° F (-20° to 32° C)

    Heating Element & Cooling System: Internal heating and cooling system keeps your light working properly within temperature rating

    Power Input: 120V~ 60Hz 0.27A Max Power Output: 12V DC 1.08A

    Specs & Features:

    • Metal construction
    • Advanced RF remote:
    • Select single or combo colors
    • Timer with 4, 6, or 8-hour daily cycle
    • Flash selection with speed control
    • Set motion speed or pause motion
    • Power button on back

    Syncing Your Remote:
    DO NOT PLUG IN LASER UNIT UNTIL PROMPTED IN THE STEPS BELOW. If you already have, unplug it and then follow the steps below, in order.
 First, install the included 23A battery in the remote. To test the remote’s battery connection, press any button and the LED will illuminate for 1 second. If the LED does not illuminate, check to make sure you have installed battery according to the correct polarity.
    Syncing the remote: With your remote ready (battery installed) and making sure you are within range of the laser, plug in the laser power supply adapter to a power source. Within 5 seconds of plugging the laser in, press the ON/OFF button on your remote to sync it with the laser. Occasionally, re-syncing the remote with the laser may be necessary. To re-sync, remove the battery from the remote. Unplug the laser unit from the power source for 1 minute then repeat “Syncing the Remote” steps above.

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