CL-807-D-SI – Flexible B.B.Q. – Deck Lights by Corona Lighting

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Categories Path Lights / Area Lights , BBQ Lights/ Flexible Lights
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CL-807-D-SI - Flexible B.B.Q. - Deck Lights by Corona Lighting

CL-807-D-SI is a custom made item, non returnable non cancellable once ordered

Die-cast aluminum with flexible steel arm, available in 24"and 36" length.

Chrome plated fixture, available in SI-Silver and

Clear, tempered and heat resistant glass.

LAMP TYPE: 12V MR-16 halogen, 50W max.

See lamp guide for energy efficient LED and color MR-16 lamps.

3" round cast aluminum base canopy, chrome plated with on/off push button covered by rubber boot.

Fixture is prewired with a 3-foot pigtail of cable.

Fixture is supplied with 20W MR-16 lamp.
Remote 12 Volt transformer is required.
See transformers and accessories for variety of options and choices.
To indicate the length of the arm, add "-24", "-36" to the end of the product number.

View/Download Printable Specification Sheet for (SI-Silver Plated)

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