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Burgundy Oak Cross Wine Rack BD-FUR10

Cross Wine Rack




Burgundy Oak was born out of a passion for

wine, woodworking, and entrepreneurial spirit. While

attending university, Burgundy Oak founder Joel

Jelinski saw the opportunity create one of a kind

decor and furniture from reclaimed wine barrels.

Using wine barrels from the Okanagan and Napa

Valleys, Burgundy Oak products are designed to

highlight the unique character of each wine barrel and

to celebrate the process of wine making.

All of our products are proudly hand crafted by

artisan woodworkers in the Bow Valley of Western

Alberta. We strive to create functional pieces that

look great and allow wine enthusiasts to have a piece

of wine culture right in their home. From wine bottle

displays to coffee tables, Burgundy Oak products are

a beautiful highlight to any room, table, or display.


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