120V Recessed Downlight LED by JQ America

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Category 120V LED BULBS
Supplier JQ Green America

120V Recessed Downlight LED by JQ America

This downlight LED bulbs to provide much more energy efficiency than recessed incandescence bulbs, allowing you to light a very large area with a lower energy bill, AND the best lighting technology for long, lasting bulb life. Available: 8W, 12W* options. ETL, DLC Approved; 5 years no-hassle warranty Buying and using conventional bulbs and fixtures also means that you incur three times more maintenance as well as replacement costs, compared to LED lighting. The LED lighting is also free of environmentally harmful Mercury as well as Halogen chemicals. Widely used in residential homes, schools, hotels, etc.

JQ GREEN Recessed Downlight Specifications

  • 8 WATT pictured in image 1
  • 12 WATT pictured in image 2
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