6 Watt 5000K Flex LED MR16 Bulbs by Unique Lighting Systems

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6 Watt Flex LED MR16 Bulbs by Unique Lighting Systems

Flex™ Series LED Lamps

Why FLEX™Series LED?


Wattage ranges from 1 Watt up to 18 Watts
Up to three color temperatures available: Warm White, White and Cool White
Variety of beam spreads: Spot, narrow flood, flood and wide flood
Flexible design capabilities – easily interchange lamp wattages and beam spreads in the field
Retrofit existing installations for immediate energy savings up to 85% compared to halogen lamps
Easily upgrade to the latest LED technology


Sustainable solid brass and copper fixtures with long life LEDs
Reduce your carbon footprint and CO2 Mercury free light source
Long life brass and copper fixtures will not corrode like aluminum short-life products


  • Rated for outdoor use in an enclosed fixture
  • FLEX™ Thermal Management System is scientifically designed to dissipate heat for a long life LED
  • 40,000 hour rated life at L70
  • Operating temperature -4° F to 122° F
  • Tested in an environmental chamber at high ambient and 100% humidity
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