Lightcraft Outdoor 12V LED RETRO FIT LAMPS- 3000k x 45 degree 4w LED SC BAY Lamp

$37.00 $24.05 (Excl. CA. Sales Tax)
Weight: 1lb
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Category SCB Single Contact Bayonet
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Size: 1 tall x 1 wide x 1 wide (inches)

*12v LED Retro Fit Lamps
*Retro fitting new and existing 12v fixtures with LED alllows for lower electrical costs due to a more efficient technology than conventional lighting.
*Our products are built to last in harsh conditions.
*The recommended voltage range is 9v-14v
*The LEDs retro fit lamps are rated for 30,000 hours.
*The LEDs are a beautiful warm white
*Note: To be used with landscape type magnetic transformers or with approved LED electronic power supplies.

Lightcraft 4wSCB Spec Sheet

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