Design Services


Design Services

The outdoor lighting experts at Yard Illumination can professionally design beautiful landscape lighting and garden lighting to enhance your night time atmosphere. There are many types of outdoor lighting fixtures, different types of lamps, lens and wattage output to consider.

The most commonly used types of Lighting are Directional Lighting, Area Lighting,Niche Lighting, Well Lighting, Under Water Lighting, & Wall Washing.

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    Design Services (front or rear 1/2 of $1,500.00)

  • design-services-front-or-rear-12-of-1200-0-1364414809-jpg

    Design Services (front or rear 1/2 of $2000.00)

  • design-services-front-rear-12-of-1500-00-1364352281-jpg

    Design Services (front & rear 1/2 of $2500.00)

  • design-services-large-or-estate-project-12-1364352622-jpg

    Design Services (large project 1/2 of $2500.00)

  • design-services-estate-project-12-of-3500-1364352853-jpg

    3D Design Services (Large project 1/3 of $4500.00)

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